As the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak evolve, we here at Fox Rothschild continue to update our Coronavirus Resource Center. Today, we’ve been hard at work reviewing the historic CARES Act and its over 800 pages of provisions.

Learn what’s contained in the $2.2 trillion CARES Act stimulus package and how it will affect businesses and individuals in an alert by Lauren McKenna.

Diana Palecek and Paul Edelberg provide an overview of the financial bailout options for businesses impacted by the pandemic via the CARES Act and existing SBA programs. We continue to drill down on these provisions and expect to provide even greater detail early next week.

If you missed our March 26 webinar, The COVID-19 Financial Crisis: A Survival Guide, access the slides and audio from the presentation with Mette Kurth and Brian Shaw.

Get details on how the FDA is loosening regulations to help laboratories and commercial manufacturers expedite the development of COVID-19 testing in an alert by Margaret Davino and Nawa Lodin.

And, as appropriate, we are updating the Fox resource page and our blog with franchise specific information, including a franchise survival guide and updates to the status of state regulators. Moreover, our own Tami McKnew is working on a review of the CARES Act just for the franchising community.

Visit our page regularly and look for the “NEW” tag, which highlights the latest updates offering practical advice on how businesses and individuals can respond effectively to the pandemic.

Stay well, and stay well distanced. We want to see you soon!