I blogged a while ago about the Green Phase of reopening in Pennsylvania, and how it did not mean “go” but something more nuanced. Something like “proceed with caution”. Today, Governor Wolf called for even more vigilance, out of concerns based on modeling done by Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia showing that the coronavirus is sweeping back into the Northeast from the South and West.

Consequently, effective July 16, 2020, at 12:01 am,  Governor Wolf has issued a new order directing targeting mitigation efforts. The stated goal is to avoid the dramatic “spike” in cases seen in other states.  Here are the highlights of the order:

  • Bars and Restaurants. Take out and dine-in service, both indoor and outdoor, as well as delivery are permitted to continue, with the following restrictions:
    • No service of alcohol without a food order, unless alcohol is purchased for take-out.
    • Service must be at a table or booth. No bar service is permitted.
    • Alcohol and food sales must occur in the same transaction.
    • Occupancy is limited to 25 percent of fire-code maximum for indoor dining OR 25 persons total for a discrete indoor event.
    • Maximum occupancy limit includes staff.
  • Nightclubs.
    • All nightclubs, as defined in the Clean Indoor Air Act, must cease operations.
  • Teleworking.
    • Unless not possible, all businesses are required to conduct their operations in whole or in part remotely through individual teleworking of their employees in the jurisdiction or jurisdictions in which they do business.
    • Where telework is not possible, employees may conduct in-person business operations, subject to requirements of the business safety order, worker safety order, and the masking order.
  • Gyms.
    • Gyms and fitness facilities, while permitted to continue indoor operations, are directed to prioritize outdoor activities. All activities must following masking order requirements and social distancing of at least 6 feet apart.
  • Events and Gatherings.
    • Indoor events and gatherings are limited to 25 persons.
    • Outdoor events and gatherings are limited to 250 persons.
    • Like restaurants, total limits include any staff.

Finally, more restrictive local rules–such as those currently in place in Allegheny and Philadelphia Counties–may remain in place.