The basic legal relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee is, of course, memorialized in  the franchise agreement. However, several states have statutes which can outright cancel certain clauses in a franchisor’s standard agreement.  These state laws simply strike and replace certain clauses that the parties may have seemed to agree upon in the Franchise Agreement. The raison

The franchise industry is getting some extra, well-deserved recognition. Two states, Maryland and Nevada, have declared and held "Franchise Appreciation Day" in their states. The date was September 1st for this year and will be observed on the first Saturday of Labor Day weekend each year. Both states have identical wording in their respective Governor’s

Contributed by Christina Stoneburner

As many franchisors are aware, recently, the legal landscape became a little scarier and more uncertain for franchisors. Generally speaking, one of the major advantages of being a franchisor is that the business and brand name can be branched out into other regions and states without the overhead costs associated with