Last June we blogged about a lawsuit that ended favorably for a franchisor.  In Braatz, LLC v. Red Mango FC, LLC, the trial court determined that a franchisor did not violate Wisconsin’s “14-day Rule”, which requires franchisors to provide an “offering circular” (aka FDD) to prospects 14 days before selling a franchise.  3:14-CV-4516-G (N.D.

Many franchisors’ fiscal year ended on December 31st.   The FTC gives a franchisor 120 days to update its franchise disclosure document (FDD) but some state deadlines many come much sooner.   Franchisors should already be gathering the information needed to update their FDD and file state renewal applications (if applicable).  Below are some quick tips franchisors

Doggy daycare resorts, bed bug chasers, hypnosis centers- what hasn’t been franchised?  Many attorneys, myself included, represent franchisors in a very wide variety of industries all over the United States.  What happens when you get that call from a client saying “I want to franchise my marijuana business!”

The marijuana franchise trend has already started

A new "FAQ 37" recently released by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) staff makes it clear that a franchise system which reserves the right to non-traditional venues must disclose that it does not provide an exclusive territory.

The question asks whether a franchisor may state in Item 12 of its FDD that it grants an "exclusive territory" if

The FTC requires a franchisor to update its franchise disclosure document (FDD) within 120 days of the close of its fiscal year.  The April 30th deadline is fast approaching for franchisors who completed their fiscal year on December 31st.  At the end of the 120 day period, the franchisor may only offer and sell using the updated FDD.  In addition, many states franchise renewal laws also