As cyber scams become more widespread and sophisticated, social engineering fraud is quickly turning into one of the most popular way for a thief to rip-off a company using computers.  Every franchise system should be asking itself and its franchisees “do we/you have insurance coverage to protect against these losses?” In most cases,

This final post in our four part series covering insurance issues, which arose out of the ABA webinar “Practical Insurance Guidance for Franchisors,” turns from focusing on franchisee coverage issues to focusing on the franchisor’s coverage.  More specifically, this post focuses on a franchisor’s E&O coverage and some practical pointers related to such coverage.


In my last post, I outlined some practice pointers and issues to consider when addressing a franchise system’s typically universal requirement to add the franchisor as an additional insured under each franchisees’ insurance policies. This post expands on the topic by discussing some additional insurance related guidance I obtained from the “Practical Insurance Guidance for

This month I attended a very interesting ABA webinar entitled “Practical Insurance Guidance for Franchisors.” The panel, which consisted of both franchise lawyers and an experienced insurance broker, provided some excellent practice pointers for anyone who drafts franchise agreements or handles insurance compliance and risk management matters for franchise systems.  The webinar provided

As a member of our firm’s insurance practice group, I am often asked by clients to conduct comprehensive insurance policy analyses to identify gaps in coverage and uninsured risks.   When conducting these analyses for franchise systems I also typically provide a mark-up of the franchisor’s form franchise agreement with my suggested edits and comments.   I